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COTRA is a not for profit technical think tank for onsite sewerage system issues.

We are independent of any other stakeholder organization, and are apolitical. Our focus is on onsite sewerage systems with ground discharge (dispersal) of effluent, both large and small systems.

We hope to be a useful resource for all stakeholders in the onsite industry-including regulators. We offer our services without prejudice to all organizations involved in the onsite field.

Currently we are focusing on technical discussion relevant to BC, but plan to expand our involvement (and our membership) to address technical issues relevant to onsite wastewater stakeholders across Canada.

COTRA is committed to furthering and fostering the adoption of performance based management of onsite wastewater systems in Canada, including performance based regulation.

What is COTRA's purpose?

Gaps we hope to assist in filling

Specific needs identified in British Columbia:

BC currently suffers from fragmented efforts with no central forum for non partisan technical discussion, we hope that the COTRA initiative will help stakeholder groups avoid duplication of effort and assist in developing consensus on technical issues, divorced from political discussion.


COTRA membership

Current active members

Criteria for membership

For effective and manageable discussion we plan to keep active membership to less than 15 people. Further people may be involved as resource persons or observers.

Membership in COTRA is currently by invitation, interested parties are asked to contact us. By nature COTRA is inclusive and has not strict requirements for membership, however key factors when considering whether you would like to be involved include: